Virtual Infrastructure Manager

R&D activities have focused on addressing key chellenges in Cloud infrastructure and federation operation.

  • Dynamic and scalable management of Virtual Machines and physical resources in data centres.
  • Analysis of security functionalities of major cloud infrastructures and Open Source solutions.
  • Virtual Resources provisioning and efficient local and cross-site placement algorithms to meet SLA commitments of service.
  • Architectures for federation of sites to analyze the main challenges of cloud interoperation, regarding virtualisation, image, and network management, and performance evaluation of the proposed solutions.
  • Provisioning algorithms across sites including the design, implementation, and evaluation of a framework for brokering (site selection) in federated clouds.
  • Cloud API specification for virtual resource provisioning leading the Open Grid Forum’s Open Cloud Computing Interface Working Group (OCCI WG).
  • Plug-ins to access remote Clouds such as Amazon EC2, ElasticHost or RESERVOIR remote sites.