Virtualization Layer

The Virtual Execution Environment Host (VEEH) supports the Hosting of Virtualiized Resources. In order to support the required platform virtualization abstraction RESERVOIR has developed:

  • Federated Network Service. VEEH’s network service supports isolated virtual networks that span VEEHs and sites.
  • Host based parallel and distributed provisioning for elastic applications. The hosting platform is responsible for VEE provisioning (as opposed to the management). Furthermore, a VEEs that are generated from the same template image may be provisioned in parallel on different VEEHs.
  • Live Migration with non-shared storage and/or subnet. Allows transparent VEE migration to any VEEH, in the Site, regardless of the target VEEH network or storage configurations.
  • Federated Monitoring Service. The VEEH monitoring service supports asychronous monitoring of the VEEHs, their VEEs and the applications running inside the VEEs.