The RESERVOIR Framework – A Power Tool for CTOs and CIOs

Build your own Cloud

The RESERVOIR Framework is a blueprint enabling CTOs and CIOs from business and government to build on-demand infrastructure services, reducing investment and operational costs, increasing energy efficiency and elasticity while ensuring security and Quality of Service. RESERVOIR provides open architecture and interfaces, as well as open source software available as downloadable specifications and tools encompassed throught the RESERVOIR Framework“:

The RESERVOIR Framework has been developed by industry leaders and highly skilled academic partners that have tackled top-level engineering challenges while nurturing innovative thinking for next-generation Cloud computing. Four industry sucess stories – Telefonica, Thales, SAP and SUN/ORACLE – demonstrate the value-add of RESERVOIR through their strategic investment in groundbreaking R&D co-funded by the European 7th Framework Programme. Using the technologies developed, mostly available in Open Source, Cloud providers can build an advanced, cost-effective, energy-efficient Cloud delivering major benefits for businesses and government departments alike. Customers of RESERVOIR Cloud providers will gain from the easy deployment of their applications without the need to own and manage physical resources, lowering costs and saving energy. RESERVOIR value-add is also demonstrated through its spin-out technologies: the Claudia Platform, OpenNebula and and the Kernal Based Virtual Machine, a full virtualization solution for Linux.

Download the guide to the RESERVOIR Framework.

RESERVOIR Training Resources

Upon request, our RESERVOIR experts will explain how the components and toolkits can be used to build a Cloud infrastructure underpinned by the RESERVOIR Framework.

Details about the RESERVOIR Training can be accessed from the ‘Technical Information’ section of this website.

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