OpenNebula is the most advanced open-source Cloud Management Tool toolkit for building private, public and hybrid clouds, offering unique features for Cloud management and providing the integration capabilities that many enterprise IT shops need for internal Cloud.

OpenNebula has been enhanced to address the requirements of business use cases from leading companies in the context of RESERVOIR.

OpenNebula is a widely used toolkit that embraces the vision of seamlessly integrating with any existing storage and network solutions deployed in the data centre. The right configuration and components in the Cloud architecture depend on the underlying infrastructure as well as on the execution requirements of the service workload. OpenNebula provides IT staff with a uniform management layer across distributed hypervisors and Cloud providers. This approach gives users the impression of interacting with a single, infinite capacity and elastic Cloud.

The requirements of the RESERVOIR use cases have driven most of OpenNebula’s innovative features:
• Advanced scheduling strategies.
• Support for elastic multi-tier services.
• Flexible and scalable back-end for virtualization.
• Storage & networking management.
• Support for Cloud federation and interoperability.

Long-term sustainability

The long-term sustainability of this open-source technology is ensured by C12G Labs, a start-up providing value-add services around OpenNebula. Because OpenNebula implements the most common interfaces: Amazon Web Services (AWS); the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) specifications developed by the Open Grid Forum and VMware vCloud, it also leverages the ecosystems being built around these interfaces.