A New Day has Dawned

The know-how developed by RESERVOIR is now being taken forward to address new challenges.


  The goal of the EU-funded VISION Cloud project is to introduce a powerful ICT infrastructure for reliable and effective delivery of data-intensive storage services, facilitating the convergence of ICT, media and telecommunications.This infrastructure will support the setup and deployment of data and storage services on demand, at competitive costs, across disparate administrative domains, while providing QoS (Quality of Service) and security guarantees.


OPTIMIS is aimed at enabling organizations to automatically externalize services and applications to trustworthy and auditable cloud providers in the hybrid model. Consequently, OPTIMIS will support and facilitate an ecosystem of providers and consumers that will benefit from the optimal operation of services and infrastructures. The optimization covers the full lifecycle of services and their interactions.


Aimed at bringing Cloud and virtualization to Grid computing. StratusLab is a European Distributed Computing Infrastructure (DCI) project funded by the G√ČANT and e-Infrastructure Unit of the European Commission under the 7th Framework programme.


Aimed at designing, building and operating a multi-site, cloud-based facility to support research across applications, services and systems targeting the services research community on European internet.


Aimed at creating and advanced Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Cloud supporting the optimized and elastic hosting of Internet-scale, multi-tier applications.


FI-WARE is an EU FP7 project launched in May 2011, which is the cornerstone of the FI-PPP programme — a cluster of Future Internet research projects aimed at creating a technology ecosystem and boosting the innovation in multiple industrial sectors, such as transportation, media, energy, smart cities and others. The goal of FI-WARE is to design a cloud-based core platform, which will be used to efficiently develop and host Future Internet applications. Our team leads the architecture and implementation efforts of the Cloud Hosting activity in FI-WARE.