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Mar 24, 2010

RESERVOIR Tutorials at OGF28

An average of 30 attendees took part in the three RESERVOIR tutorials offered at OGF28 covering topics such as Deployment of Private and Hybrid Clouds Using OpenNebula/RESERVOIR, Using the OGF Open Cloud Computing Interface on OpenNebula/RESERVOIR and Open Cloud Computing Interface Implementations. Read more on each of the session tutorials including participants take aways and presentation slides available for download.

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Deployment of Private and Hybrid Clouds Using OpenNebula/RESERVOIR

In this session, OpenNebula architecture was introduced. It demonstrated how to configure a local physical infrastructure with OpenNebula to turn it into a virtualized infrastructure able to deliver services. Also, notions on how to use the private cloud through the command line interface was presented. Furthermore, an overview on how to build an hybrid cloud was presented to the attendees.

Using the OGF Open Cloud Computing Interface on OpenNebula/RESERVOIR

The OGF OCCI interface built on top of OpenNebula was presented in this session. It served as an in-depth discussion on the design and the implementation experience of the interface, taking into account the specification that was not complete at the time of the implementation, thus gap fillers were explained as well. Information regarding how to use the OpenNebula OCCI command line interface was presented, along with a hands-on session where the attendees were able to play with the OpenNebula public cloud server using the OCCI interface.

Open Cloud Computing Interface Implementations

The experience of the different OCCI implementators were presented, emphasising the OpenNebula part and what decisions had to be made to fill the void in the incomplete OCCI specification and laying the path of future work to be fully OCCI compliant.

Presentations available for download: