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Jan 22, 2010

The Virtual Infrastructure Manager in Reservoir

OpenNebula is one of the technologies being enhanced in the Reservoir Project, flagship of European research initiatives in virtualized infrastructures and cloud computing. Find out more and to download lastest stable release.

Category: Open Source code
Posted by: sy

Standard-based Open-source Toolkit to Build your Cloud

OpenNebula is an open and flexible tool that fits into existing data center environments to build any type of Cloud deployment. OpenNebula can be primarily used as a virtualization tool to manage your virtual infrastructure in the data-center or cluster, which is usually referred as Private Cloud. OpenNebula supports Hybrid Cloud to combine local infrastructure with public cloud-based infrastructure, enabling highly scalable hosting environments. OpenNebula also supports Public Clouds by providing Cloud interfaces to expose its functionality for virtual machine, storage and network management.

OpenNebula 1.4, Download Now!