Feb 6, 2011

The Future of Cloud Computing, Strategies and Design – March 10, 2011 – Taormina (Italy)

This event will present the latest results in Cloud Computing, highlighting its potential and describing the main findings of the pioneering European project RESERVOIR.

Industrial and government applications in the Cloud from SAP, Telefónica and THALES will be detailed.

IBM will cover the RESERVOIR project’s goals and achievements as well as define the Cloud Computing concept and its applications.

Participants will be shown a demonstration of the RESERVOIR Framework, with a particular attention given to the OpenNebula open source component.


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Web 2.0is rapidly taking hold, offering “the web as a platform”. In parallel, traditional client-server computing is starting to lose ground as a new paradigm emerges – the Cloud Computing paradigm. Cloud Computing allows data centers to operate more like the Internet by enabling computing across a distributed, globally accessible fabric of resources, delivering service based on demand over the web, reducing software complexity and costs, expediting time-to-market, improving reliability and enhancing accessibility of consumers to government and business services. Thus, Cloud Computing represents a true materialization of Service-Oriented Computing’s visionary promise.

Resources and Services Virtualization without Barriers (RESERVOIR) is a European Union FP7 funded project that enables scale deployment and management of complex IT services across different administrative domains, IT platforms and geographies. The project provides a foundation for a service-based online economy, where – using virtualization technologies – resources and services are transparently provisioned and managed on an on-demand basis at competitive costs with high quality of service.

Researchers, system administrators, software developers, services providers, CIO of SME and PAs will benefit from participating to this workshop, get updated information and have the opportunity to assist to a live demo of cloud computing principles that will pave the way towards a new challenging approach to services provisioning.


15:00 Opening – Antonio Puliafito, Professor, University of Messina

15:10 Cloud Computing and its Applications – Benny Rochwerger, RESERVOIR
Lead Architect, Senior Technical Staff, IBM in Haifa

15:20 Enabling Technologies, the OpenNebula Framework – Ignacio M. Llorente,
Professor, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

15:40 Invited Speaker (TBC)

15:50 The RESERVOIR Project: Goals and Achievements – Eliot Salant, Project
Coordinator, IBM in Haifa


16:25 Cloud Computing Vision (TBC)

16:35 Industrial and Government Applications in the Cloud, the RESERVOIR

Eliezer Levy, PhD, Director, SAP Research in Israël

Juan Caceres, IaaS Cloud Platform Manager, Telefónica ID in Madrid

Julien Marin-Frisonroche, IT Architect, Thales ThereSiS Lab in Paris

17:20 RESERVOIR Demo, Running Real Applications on Federated Clouds – Demo

18:00 Open Questions and Closing Remarks

18:15 DRINK


To register, please fill in the online registration form on the event’s webpage: http://reservoir.unime.it/workshop/

For more details about the event, please contact Dr. Carmelo Ragusa, [email protected], and/or Prof. Massimo Villari, [email protected].


Hotel Villa Diodoro – www.hotelvilladiodoro.com

Via Bagnoli Croci, 75
98039 Taormina (ME)
Tel: +39 0942 23312


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Mar 15, 2011
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RESERVOIR features in Italian daily financial newspaper, Sole24Ore: European Computers in the Cloud. The article highlights project outcomes, cost reduction and enerergy savings enabled by new developments at EU level.

Achievements for Europe

Continued industry investments in Cloud computing technologies, spin-outs and the combination of open source software and open standards is the return on investment of RESERVOIR’s contribution to the economic and scientific development within the European Union.

  • RESERVOIR has been fundamental in bringing together people from academia and industry to gain new Cloud computing competences and services for Europe by addressing tough engineering challenges.
  • Open source software: Claudia, OpenNebula and Kernal Based Virtual Machine technology solutions and spin-outs.
  • Open standards: spearheaded new standards group in the Open Grid Forum – Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) and engagement with Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) – Cloud Incubator Working Group.
  • Assisting future research on Cloud computing – RESERVOIR is a flagship initiative leading to five new European projects building on new challenges that have emerged from a strong partnership nurturing innovative thinking.
  • Contributing to Europe’s investigation and publications on Cloud risk assessment.
  • Over 70 articles and public documents, including award-winning conference papers and peer-reviewed papers.
  • 116 project presentations, keynote lectures, workshops and demos, along with 12 training sessions.
  • Press releases have generated over 120 clips and articles.
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Mar 4, 2011
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CETIC is organizing a RESERVOIR training session in Paris on March 22, 2011.

The objective is to learn how to build and use your own cloud infrastructure with OpenNebula in the RESERVOIR Framework.
To pave the way to adoption of cloud technology by businesses, the RESERVOIR project has integrated a set of virtualization and cloud management tools.
The training will focus on OpenNebula, a core component of the RESERVOIR project.

Programme and registration details HERE (training invitation letter in PDF format).


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