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Mar 3, 2011

Cloudscape III, 15-16 March 2011, Brussels

Building on the highly successful workshops over the last two years, Cloudscape III – Taking European Cloud Infrastructure Forward, takes place 15-16 March 2011 in Brussels to explore how cloud computing developments and interoperability, offering multiple perspectives spanning Clouds for commerce, legal issues, the data challenge and government services.

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Cloud computing is expected to become the backbone of our digital future both in Europe and beyond, also to capitalise on investments made in e-Infrastructures and Cyberinfrastructures. The EU Digital Agenda for 2020 sets out an EU-wide strategy that overcomes legal, technical and institutional barriers for both government and science by 2011. However, to achieve mainstream adoption, many challenges and barriers need addressing.

To fully exploit the momentum around Cloud computing in European e-Infrastructures, synergies and implementation strategies are needed with existing Grid technologies, with interoperability high on the agenda. For several years, standards groups have been working with Grid infrastructures to develop standards. More recently new working groups have been set up to drive standards for clouds with both offering important forums to drive forward open standards for interoperability.

Cloudscape III, co-organised by the EC-funded SIENA initiative, will delve into Cloud computing standardisation with keynotes from the EC, industry and eScience communities delivering insights into a fast-changing landscape. A portfolio of use-cases presented will highlight best practices and challenges faced by both cloud providers and end-users, while interactive Round Table discussions will engage participants in a 2-way dialogue with key players from the distributed computing community.

The venue will be announced shortly. For more information about agenda, participants and registration visit