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Nov 17, 2010


Ignacio Llorente, Universidad Complutense de Madrid & RESERVOIR was keynote speaker at OGF30 which was held in Brussels, Belgium in October. The presentation titled Leading Innovation in Cloud Computing Management focuses on the benefits of Cloud Computing, various perspectives of Cloud and highlights a set of OpenNebula case studies which includes RESERVOIR.

RESERVOIR also held a training session on how to use and build Cloud infrastructure using the RESERVOIR Framework. The session presented the global architecture deployed in the RESERVOIR framework and its possible uses.

RESERVOIR also hosted an Information Stand at the conference which spotlighted project progress and results

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OpenNebula is a fully open-source toolkit to build any type of IaaS cloud: private, public and hybrid. The OpenNebula technology is the result of many years of research and development in efficient and scalable management of virtual machines on large-scale distributed infrastructures. Its innovative features have been developed to address the requirements of business use cases from leading IT companies and across multiple industries in the context of groundbreaking projects in cloud computing. OpenNebula is being used as an open platform for innovation in several international projects to research the challenges that arise in enterprise cloud management, and also as production-ready tool in both academia and industry to manage clouds.
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RESERVOIR Training Session

The RESERVOIR technologies aim to build a Cloud infrastructure transparently provisioned and managed using virtualization technologies. This training session presented the global architecture deployed in the RESERVOIR framework and its possible uses. Participants also learned more about the open source components and the open formats and standards used at the interfaces at each level of the infrastructure.

The first part of the RESERVOIR session covered the rationale of the Framework. An overview of the RESERVOIR architecture was presented, as well as an overview of the standards used. This overview was completed by a global demonstration scenario illustrating the RESERVOIR Framework capabilities.

The training then focussed on two specific components : The Service Manager and the Virtual Execution Environment Manager.

The Service Manager is the layer handling high level standard service descriptions, and taking actions on the underlying Cloud infrastructure. The Virtual Execution Environment Manager is the component, taking care of virtual resources provisioning and migration across sites, including access to remote Clouds. Specifically, Open Nebula, a powerful open source infrastructure manager, will be covered.

As these components rely on open specifications, they can be reused independently, in various implementation scenarios. For each component, the following aspects were presented: the interface specifications it implements, its internal architecture, as well as its actual use.