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Jun 30, 2008

The first issue of the RESERVOIR Architecture document

The first issue of the RESERVOIR Architecture document has been released. The document focuses on identifying requirements for a highly dynamic computing cloud and defining a high level architecture for a system that can satisfy those requirements. The goal of this document is to setup the foundation on which the components that make the RESERVOIR compute cloud will be developed. However, this is not intended to be a static document; instead it is a living document that will be refined as the project progresses.
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The high-level objective of the RESERVOIR project is to provide a technology foundation for a internetscale data center where resources and services are transparently and flexibly provisioned and managed like utilities. Specifically, RESERVOIR will introduce a next-generation IT infrastructure for deployment of complex services across different administrative domains, while assuring QoS and security guarantees.

RESERVOIR deliverables documents and reports on the technical progress of the project including the Reservoir architecture, the Service Manager, Virtual Execution Environment and Virtual Execution Manager can be found here.